Au cours de votre A Level vous allez étudier No et Moi, un roman de Delphine de Vigan.  Vous trouverez ici des PowerPoints, des reportages, des jeux... basés sur cette oeuvre.  Venez visiter le site aussi souvent que possible.  

In this course, you will find a lot of resources on the movie 'La haine', which we will study in A2. You will find all sorts of resources: audio, videos, links of great articles...

Well... this course is pretty self explanatory... You will find French speaking films on the themes we will be studying in A1 and A2.  At times you will find a link with many titles of movies, at other times you will find a trailer (la bande annonce).  

You will also find the trailers for Season 1 to 6 of the great French series 'Un village français'.  This series will be added to the Hurtwood TV in September 2017. 

Cultural awareness.... All the resources in this course is about France